Steve McQueen and Capitalism

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I had some time to kill before the TechAssure conference started last night, so I took advantage of the beautiful weather (and the fact that I was awake at 4:30am, still on NY time…) and did a self-guided walking tour:

  • Fishermans Wharf (breakfast at In n Out Burger, pictures of Alcatraz)
  • Nob Hill
  • Embarcadero
  • Giants Game at AT&T Park

With an assist from this website, I started this day with an uphill walk to the corner of Taylor & Clay… was here where the fictional character, Frank Bullitt, lived in the 1968 classic movie Bullitt.  I’m a big fan of Steve McQueen and this was one of his most popular movies, one which is often credited with having the best car chase scene ever filmed (it was, without question, was at that time).  The house used in the film 40+ years ago still looks the same as does the market across the street where McQueen’s character is seen getting a newspaper.

Home of Frank Bullitt from 1968 McQueen film. Market on left in foreground.


McQueen walks by market at Taylor & Clay in 1968


Market at Taylor & Clay 2010

While I was here on Sunday morning all these years later, for ten minutes taking these pictures – I noticed that three other people walked by and did the same thing.  They also took pics of the house, and the market.  I am guessing this must go on throughout the day, every weekend – maybe every day.  A  guy, whom I presumed owned this market, was setting up flowers on the sidewalk out front and didn’t seem to notice or care.  I looked in the window of the store and noticed that he had a few old, tattered posters on the wall….Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Titanic.  But no Steve McQueen.  WTF?  Does he know what went on here 40 years ago?  That his little shop is part of Hollywood history? Why the other random movie posters in a convenience store?  Doesn’t he wonder why people keep taking pictures of his storefront?  Does he even notice??   And if he notices, and realizes why people show up here regularly with cameras – then how can he not try and capitalize on it????  Why no Bullitt movie stills and posters for sale?  There is certainly no shortage of McQueen memorabilia available to sell.  What other tiny market – maybe in all of San Francisco – has a regular flow of new visitors and potential buyers?  How can they not take advantage of that???  At least lose the Titanic poster and get the Bullitt poster on the wall.  A small investment in his business could yield hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars.  I hate lost opportunities!!  Am I crazy?

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