Tech Errors & Omissions Insurance Series

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Errors & Omissions insurance is one of the most misunderstood coverages that Technology & Digital Media companies will encounter – and with good reason.  It is a coverage that goes by many different names (E&O, professional liability, cyber liability…), has no industry standard policy form (like a general liability policy, where every carrier is providing essentially the same coverage) and it changes on what seems like a daily basis.  To help simplify and demystify Errors and Omissions coverage, we will provide a multi-part series of posts that cover the basics about Errors & Omissions insurance.   These are the topics that we will addess in the coming weeks:

  1. E&O – WTF? (What’s that for??)
  2. E&O Insurance – Checking the box
  3. The E&O Trifecta – Covering Intellectual Property, Privacy and Media
  4. How to GET PAID by your E&O policy
  5. How Much does E&O insurance cost ?(& secrets to getting the cost down)
  6. What is involved in getting E&O Insurance?
  7. How E&O Claims are triggered and what happens when they are?
  8. The 5 Most Important Considerations for E&O Buyers

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