The Fabulous Life of InnovationGuard

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After reading this article about digital media darling/rockstar @dens, I decided that I needed to show the World that no one, and I mean no one, has a more fabulous and exciting life than your host at InnovationGuard.  And how would I prove this?  Simple:  by tracking down and hanging out with arguably the most famous person in the World – the Go2Meeting Guy.  After a West Coast swing that included countless parties, red carpets, yachts, celebrities, dignitaries, front row seats, heads of state and paparazzi – I finally got my man.  In order to protect his privacy, I cannot identify where this encounter took place (unless you email me).  But as I think the video will show – this was no King of Comedy – he was there on his own free will.  I took the opportunity to both direct and conduct an in-depth interview with him.  Have a look.

NOTE:  Fine, I’ll come clean….the Go2Meeting Guy is Bryan Costello.  Bryan is a good friend and his firm, CSI Insurance, is a partner member at TechAssure.  CSI is our West Coast counterpart, providing insurance and risk management solutions to the Innovators of Silicon Valley.

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