Venture Capital Insurance Cheaper for Some than Others

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In a previous post I discussed how we have found that many Venture Capital firms pay more for insurance than they should – often for policies that don’t even properly address the risks of their company.  The National Venture Capital Association just circulated an illustration with 9 specific examples of their member firms who, through the VentureInsure program, have saved as much as 57% on their insurance costs (where’s that Geico lizard now??), while getting better coverage.

Check this out – this represents only the basic office coverage such as General Liability, Property, Umbrella.  Venture Capital insurance policies such as D&O and Professional Liability are not included in this illustration – however it is worth noting that historically the savings on that line of coverage, when moved to VentureInsure, has averaged more than 20%….U  NVCA Savings Illustration resized 600

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