About Rollins

The Rollins Difference

The Rollins Difference

Rollins is not your typical agency.

Most firms just focus on finding you the least expensive premiums. While we realize cost is always a factor, what we provide goes far beyond simply saving you some money in the short-term.

At Rollins, we take a very proactive approach to help you develop a long-term plan to reduce your total cost of risk, which, in turn, will significantly lower your premium costs over an extended period of time.

Using our exclusive Rollins 360™ process, we analyze your current risk control measures, including areas you may not have considered such as employee wellness, safety and benefits; company property and facilities; business disruption and disaster recovery—even your personal assets.

Based on this information, we will help you establish and execute a clear corporate risk management strategy tailored to your specific needs. And we’ll meet with you regularly to determine if your needs have changed and update your services accordingly.

Our comprehensive risk reduction solutions will enable you to:

  • Prevent unnecessary risks
  • Reduce insurance claims
  • Lower your administrative costs
  • Decrease your insurance costs over time
  • Increase your profitability
  • Transfer risk from your company
  • Improve employee wellness, safety and retention
  • Make your company a better place to work

Let Rollins customize a risk management plan to help drive down your insurance costs.
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